OmniPower Type 4292-L is an omnidirectional sound source, intended to be used in acoustical measurements for which a uniform spherical sound radiation is required.
OmniPower complies to the ISO 3382, ISO 140 and DIN 52210 standards, and is used in both room acoustics and building acoustics applications.

The OmniPower exhibits exceptional stability of the output spectrum during extended use at high output levels. This is made possible through the use of custom designed loudspeaker units with effective heat dissipation properties.

Its coated aluminum body makes OmniPower very robust. You can place it on its tripod, suspend it, using any of the four threaded buses in the body or place it on the floor on its 3 rubber feet.


4292 in flight case
  • Superior performance and optimal ergonomic design based on icosidodecahedral shape.
  • Compliant to ISO 3382, ISO 140 and DIN 52210 standards.
  • Wide operating frequency range: 50-5000 Hz 1/3 octave frequency bands.
  • High maximum sound power level: 122 dB re 1 pW.
  • Lightweight through the use of neodymium speakers: 8 kg.
  • Ergonomically placed grip for easy handling.
  • Four universal threaded holes for stable suspension in any position.
  • Optional lightweight protective flight case.
  • Included tripod adapter fits most standard loudspeaker tripods.


Parameter Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Nominal impedance 6
Power handling Continuous broadband
Peak (duty cycle 1/10, on time 10 s)
Operating frequency range Third octave frequency bands 50 5000 Hz
Sound Power Level Pink noise, summed over 16 third octave bands from 100 - 3150 Hz,
using 300 W (sine) amplifier per band.
122 dB re 1 pW
Diameter Between opposing triangular faces 39 cm
Height with tripod Sphere center 131 207 cm
Weight Speaker enclosure
Tripod with adapter

Download the 4292-L datasheet including all specifications as a pdf.



Worldwide sales and marketing are handled exclusively by Hottinger Brüel & Kjær. To order the OmniPower you must contact your local HBK representative. If you have technical questions regarding the OmniPower, you may contact us directly.