2734 Power Amplifier

2734-B Power Amplifier

The 2734 is a compact class D power amplifier, intended for acoustical measurements in the field or laboratory. All controls and connectors are placed on the front panel, enabling you to set up the 2734 very quickly, and to operate it in horizontal or vertical position. The 2734 is built into a robust flight case making it safe and easy to carry along.

There are two variants of the 2734. The 2734-A is the basic version, whereas the 2734-B includes a wireless audio receiver which can be used to send a stimulus to the amplifier. Both models can be operated remotely using the optional UA-1476 wireless remote control.


  • Compact and robust design, for horizontal and vertical use.
  • 500 Watt into 4 Ohm output.
  • All connectors and controls on front panel.
  • Overload indicator monitors input, output and overheating.
  • Quiet, no fan cooling required for room acoustic measurements.
  • White and pink noise generator.
  • Fully specified input and output characteristics.
  • Outputs protected against short circuit, HF, DC and overload.
  • Remote operation via cable or wireless remote control.



You can download the 2734 datasheet including all specifications as a pdf.



Figure 1. 2734 Frequency response

2734 Frequency Response


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